Exhibit at Center for Furniture Craftmanship

I have been selected to display my Quoddy Hope Chest in the Maine Woods 2008 exhibit. This hope chest is unique in design using a rare piece of Birdseye Maple with a small amount of spalted wood. The piece has been created to use the bridseye in individual panels the wrap around the sides and front of the hope chest. The panels are pieced together to match from left to right around the chest. Many have said there is a scene in the wood on this hope chest, a pond, maybe a crocodile. You be the judge.The exhibit will be from November 29, 2007 through March 14, 2008 at the Messler Gallery on the campus of the Center for Furniture Craftmanship. Rob is so please to be one of the finalists among a total of sixty-six other Maine woodworkers. A total of 138 pieces were entered as a part of the competition judged by Garrett Hack and Beth Ireland. Come by and see my Quoddy Hope Chest and other works by Maine Craftsman. The Quoddy Hope Chest is complimented by a matching queen size Quoddy Sleigh Bed also done with a unique piece of birdseye maple for the head and footer board panels. Please see the latest news letter from the MWPA www.mwpa.org/Splinters/Splinters1107.pdf . There is also a brief article in the the MaineCoastNow about the Maine Wood 2008 exhibition.

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