Sebago Furniture supplies Commemorative Benches for the Town of Naples

The Town of Naples has been undergoing a major downtown renovation. The town used to have an old dated swing bridge that let boats pass from one lake to another. This has been replaced with a new higher fixed bridge. Along with the new bridge the town and state have changed the entire downtown causeway with new sidewalks, lighting and Memorial Benches. Sebago Furniture was selected to provide 30 Commemorative benches for the downtown Causeway area. These benches are now being placed along the walk way. The benches are made from Mahogany and the design is based on my Japanese Garden Bench. Each bench along the Causeway is dedicated with a Commemorative Plaque for a particular family. Part of the money from the else of the bench is being used as a fund raiser for expense on the downtown renovation. If you are in the Naples area, please be sure to stop along the cause way; sit down and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding lake and views of the White Mountains.

Rob sitting in one of the Commemorative Benches along the Naples, Maine Causeway.

Denie taking in a view on a Sebago Furniture Commemorative Bench along the Naples Causeway.

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