1. The Wood
  2. Wood Types
  3. The Craftsmanship
  4. Accessories
  5. Wood Finishes
  6. Wood Care
  7. Where to Buy
  8. Show Schedule
  9. Placing an Order
  10. Custom Work
  11. Payment
  12. Guarantee & Refund
  13. Shipping


Wood is an active material that reacts to humidity and temperature. Furniture is best made with wood dried to a moisture content level of 6 to 8%. Moisture levels much higher can cause undesirable effects of shrinking panel surface or tabletop or possible fatigue at connecting joinery. The wood used in Sebago Furniture is top rate for dryness and quality. I never use chipboard or masonite. My drawer bottoms and shelved can be made with either solid wood or cabinet grade veneer plywood. Backs are typically veneer-based plywood due to the large area. Although I offer a solid wood panel based option.

Sebago Furniture only uses top quality furniture grade hardwoods. I typically use Ash, Birch, Cherry, Maple, Oak or Walnut for all the components of the furniture piece. I specialize in using figured maples like Birdseye a, Tiger and Curly Maple. Often I use this type of wood for accents or to show off a particular detail in the piece. If you prefer I can make the entire piece from one of these beautifully figured woods I can fashion other types of wood upon your request. I can also mix and match wood types on a piece or use a variety of exotic woods in your project. I can incorporate such woods like mahogany, Teak, ebony or rosewood to name a few. Please feel free to inquire about these other wood species.


This wood is heavy, hard and strong. Ash often is used for tool handles due to its strength, but can be used for making fine furniture. A good example of ash is shown in the picture of the Maine Cottage Table. Ash is an open grained, tough and elastic wood type. Ash makes for great tabletops. The Sapwood has a white to creamy color, whereas the heartwood has deep shades of brown. I use the Sapwood generally for all outer surfaces to give a nice consistent look.

White Ash


Birch is heavy hard, stiff and strong. Yellow birch has white sapwood and light reddish-brown heartwood. Sweet birch has light-colored sapwood and dark brown heartwood tinged with red. For both yellow and sweet birch, the wood is heavy, hard, and strong, and it has good shock-resisting ability. Figures and colors are similar to maple, but slightly coarser textured. Birch mills and finishes well due to its closed grain quality.

Yellow Birch


Cherry is one of the woodworker’s favorite woods to work with as it has a firm texture, machines cleanly and its known for its superior finishing qualities. It has excellent stability over temperature and humidity. This wood is pale pinkish color when cut, but sometimes comes with greenish highlights. The sapwood is lighter in color to nearly white. I tend to avoid using the sapwood in any outer components of the furniture. Cherry turns deeper reddish brown with age and exposure to light. Because cherry does age over time and when exposed to light, I recommend to our customers to not leave objects sitting in one place on the furniture lest you end up with light spots where the object was placed.



The heartwood is usually light reddish brown but sometimes considerably darker. The sapwood is commonly white with a slight reddish-brown tinge. Hard maple has a fine, uniform texture. It is heavy, strong, stiff, hard, and resistant to shock and has high shrinkage. The grain of sugar maple is generally straight, but birdseye, curly, or fiddleback grain is often selected for furniture or novelty items. Maple is a heavy, hard and strong wood. It has a close-grain, polishes to high luster and wears evenly. Heartwood is very pale reddish brown, sapwood virtually white. I generally use straight grained maple, but can upon request and availability use birdseye or curly when available.

Hard Maple


The heartwood is brown with a tinge of red and is used for furniture construction. The whiter sapwood is not used. Red Oak has a slightly coarser texture than white oak, with smaller dark colored rays and large rounded open pores. Red Oak is easier to work than white oak. Wood of the red oaks is one of the heavier-denser woods. It is uniform in color with reddish tinge. The broad and conspicuous rays seen sometimes on the surface distinguish quarter sawn lumber of the oaks.

Red Oak


Walnut is a moderately hard, strong, and durable wood. The heartwood is rich, dark brown, while the sapwood when freshly cut is nearly white. It universally esteemed for superb technical properties, including stability, and generally regarded as the most beautiful and most valuable cabinet wood in North America.

Black Walnut

The Craftsmanship

Dust Panels

All of my dressers and bureaus have all wood dust panels in between each drawer.


Securing wood panels and tops or joining wood that has the grain in adjacent directions needs to be properly fastened or joined to prevent warping, splitting or even breaking off. That is right. Many folks want to lift heavy pieces of furniture by their tops. Tops of tables or a dresser that is poorly fastened can come lose or worse become detached. My tops are securely fastened with multiple wood blocks and square drive screws strategically placed to hold the top firmly to the carcass of the piece, yet allowed to move with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. While I do not recommend lifting large furniture pieces by their tops, you can rest assured they will not come loose.

Drawer Slides

At Sebago Furniture I use a variety of drawer slide techniques depending on the application and use. Many of the pieces you will find in this catalog use custom made wood slides designed to adequately support the load of the drawer and its contents. The design is done in a way to provide ease of opening and closing. When the need calls for supporting a lot of weight, ball bearing drawer slides are used to support heavy loads. I typically use this technique in buffets, stereo and home theater cabinetry.

The Joinery

Joinery is a woodworker’s way of building a sound piece of furniture when properly applied. As mentioned above wood is in constant movement. Using the right kind of joinery for a particular function in a piece of furniture is a must. Mortise and tenon joints, a foundation for all quality woodworking is used in many places on Sebago Furniture pieces.Through mortises are used in classic joinery on mission or Gustav Stickley reproductions. All of my drawers use dovetail joinery.Dovetail joinery is beautiful to look at and provides for a strong glue joint for drawers. The dovetails can be uniformly spaced as in the picture below or vary in size to give a decorative flair.Often I will use pegs as a method for securing legs and corner joints on various furniture pieces. They provide both a strengthening of the joint as well as add beauty and appeal to the piece. Sometimes I use contrasting wood types such as a walnut peg on an ash body to give an interesting contrast appearance.Above is a picture of the dovetail joinery used in the construction of Sebago Furniture.

Furniture Backs

If your furniture piece is used as a room divider or if the back is revealed, I can optionally place a finished back in the wood type matching the piece.


Knobs and Pulls

Regarding hardware style and type, please inquire at the time you are ready to order.


Some furniture pieces incorporate glass doors and side panels. A choice of glass type can be selected to suit your style. The glass types are provided in the options section for products using glass and are priced accordingly. Glass panels can be either flat or beveled glass. The same goes for mirror glass.

Tile and Stone

Tile and stone tops can be accommodated for table surfaces. Please inquire on the type and style material at time of order.

Custom Accents

The beauty of working with Sebago Furniture is that I can customize any piece of furniture listed. For example if, there is a particular edge or surface detailing needed or a size adjustment to the overall piece, this can be accommodated for your special need. Should you want to mix wood types to accent a certain aspect of a furniture piece, I can easily do this at the time the order is placed.If you need a totally custom piece not shown in the web Catalog, I would be happy to work with you on the design and details to meet your special requirements.

Wood Finishes

Wood Care Instructions.


My preference is to use a custom blended oil mixture using the finest boiled linseed oil or tung oil to bring out the richness of the wood and its grain, but provide ample protection. I blend in a hardener to make the finish more durable. The finish is hand rubbed on all surface both outside exposed pieces as well as all internal components of the furniture piece. I prefer to coat all surface as this both protects the wood and seals it, thus lessening the amount of wood movement due to changes in moisture over the seasons. Top and use surfaces can receive over five coatings. The final finish gives a rich low luster sheen, which if properly cared for will provide a lifetime of beauty to your furniture. Oil based coats will tend to have a slight golden tone when applied over a light colored wood and may darken slightly with age and sunlight. A stain can be applied to the surface before the oil finish to tint the wood.


Oil finishes are susceptible to scratches like any other finish. Water stains can also damage oil finishes if a spill is not attended to quickly. This type of damage takes a little more repair work. Deep scratches and gouges can be more problematic and are a problem no matter what the finish technique used.Light scratches can be lightly sanded out and a new oil finish applied.A water based stain on an oil finish can be repaired. My finish, in addition to being satiny smooth and lustrous, is easy to renew and repair. Tabletop rings and superficial scratches usually only penetrate the wax and can be buffed out with 0000 Steel Wool. More serious blemishes can usually be spot-repaired with oil and wax. Unlike most finishes, including lacquer and polyurethane, there is no need to completely strip and refinish an oiled and waxed piece. For tabletops destined to live in the kitchen, I offer a polyurethane varnish topcoat over my standard finish. Whether you go with my oil and wax or varnish finish we will provide complete care instructions for your furniture.

Urethanes and Lacquers

Urethanes produce a harder more durable finish than the oil and wax finish above. Urethanes can be holdup to water spills better. But urethanes are more difficult to repair if scratched.


Each piece containing an oil finish is hand rubbed with a coating of high-grade furniture wax. The wax is worked into the finish and then buffed to produce the wonderful protective sheen on the wood.

Wood Care

Wood as a building medium is very easy to care for. A periodic light dusting with a soft, dry cotton cloth is all that is needed. Wood can dry out if an improper humidity level is used. It is recommended that you keep your humidity level between 30 and 70 percent. Do not place furniture up against radiators and hot air registers otherwise unexpected warping may occur to your furniture piece.Occasional waxing (every two months or so in the first year and twice a year there after) to feed the wood, bring out luster, and to help prevent heat and water marks. Some recommended brands of furniture wax available in your local hardware stores are: Original Briwax Clear, Johnson & Johnson Paste Wax or Butcher’s Paste Wax Clear. Application of the wax should be done using a soft cloth with rubbing going with the grain. The wax should dry for a few minutes before buffing it with another soft cloth.

In Addition
  1. Lift objects; do not drag them across a finished surface.
  2. Do not use nail polish remover, hair spray or perfume containing solvents detrimental to fine finishes, near the furniture.
  3. Do not place rubber, vinyl or plastic products on the furniture finish since chemical reactions can damage a lacquer or oil finish making the finish appear as if it has bubbled.
  4. Do not use furniture care products containing silicones.
  5. When using a glass top over a finished surface do not place felt with glue, cork, or plastic dots between the glass and the finished surface since these items can react with a finish.
  6. Do not expose your furniture to strong sunlight. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can discolor furniture finishes and some fabrics.
  7. Use coasters for Water glasses, vases, etc. that contain water.
  8. Use Felt pads under heavy or hard surfaces that may scratch your furniture piece.
  9. Note certain type of rubber feet on appliances and other type of equipment may react with a oil finish. It is best to place a coaster or other type of item to prevent the feet from coming in contact with an oil finished surface. Generally surfaces finished using a urethane or lacquered based finish do not have this problem.
  10. Furniture that is exposed to a lot of direct sunlight will become sun bleached over time. Objects left on the table surface and exposed to the sun will retain a mark on the surface of a different color over time. Periodically it is recommended to move objects to different locations on the furniture to avoid any unsightly color differences in the wood.
  11. Regarding cherry, this wood darkens naturally over a few months after the furniture has been finished. This is an expected quality of cherry and it brings out the richness in the wood. Light and particularly sunlight can accelerate this change. It is particularly important that objects on the furniture surface be moved often in the first few months in order to maintain an even darkening of the wood.

Where to Buy

Examples of my work are viewable at multiple local Maine locations.

  • Maine-crafted Cottage Objects from Out of the Woods.The Out of the Woods retail store on the waterfront in Belfast, Maine and carries larger selection of merchandise. On Display is my Cape Neddick Bed, matching Nightstands , Cape Neddick Lamps, plant stand and tray tables. Out of the Woods | 48 Main Street | Belfast, Maine 04915 Phone (207) 338-2692 | Fax (207) 338-2883 e-mail: kilndry@kilndry.com
  • Sugarwood Gallery :Sugarwood Gallery is your source for unique and unusual handcrafted furniture, original art, stain glass, quilts and other items. Sugarwood Gallery has an the complete line of W.A Mitchell Chairs and other products. Sebago Furniture is pleased to be working with Sugarwood Gallery on offering custom bed designs. I now have on display Quoddy Sleigh Bed in a queen size done in beautiful walnut and the Bar Harbor Federal Desk. Also a number of my Cape Neddick Tapered lamps are on display. If you are in the Farmington area, be sure to stop by Sugarwood Gallery | 248 Broadway | Farmington, Maine 04938 Telephone 207-778-9105 Toll Free 1-866-784-2715
  • Lovell Designs: Sebago Furniture is pleased to have Rob’s lamps on display in the Lovell Designs’ stores. If you do not see the exact design in the store that works with your decor, Lovell Store staff has a catalog of Sebago Furniture lamps and other furniture pieces for you to browse. Lovell Designs is celerating its 30th year making fine jewelery and holloware. Ken Kantor, the artisan and founder has unique designs in pewter, silver and 14K gold. When in the Portland or Freeport Maine areas, please visit one of their retail stores at … 26 Exchange Street, Portland – in the popular Old Port district or 45 Main Street, Freeport – in the heart of Freeport’s Shopping. When in the Portsmouth, New Hampsire area, please visit us at… 10 Market Square, Portsmouth. Phone (800) 533 – 9685
  • Phoenix Studios: Sebago Furniture is pleased to have Rob’s lamps on display in the Phoenix Studio Store. Rob has also been collaborating with Jane Croteau, the stain galss artisan using her shades and Rob’s lamps. Her work along with Rob’s lamps are also on display in the Gallery302, 112, Main Street, Bridgton, Maine (207) – 647 – 2787 The Phoenix Studio is a full service art glass studio. They provide professional, courteous assistance with your home improvement projects and excel in adding custom designed stained glass elements to your new home. They can also repair or restore your current stained glass your home, workplace or place of worship. When in the Portland come visist their retail stores located on 630 Forest Avenue. Phone (800) 773 – 4154

Show Schedule for 2016

  1. Paradise City Show
    March 18th-20th, Friday 10AM-5PM, Sat 10AM-6PM & Sunday 11AM-5PM
    NEW SHOW for Sebago Furniture
    Royal Plaza Trade Center off of Rt. 20W Boston Post Rd.
    Marlborough, MA

    Rockland Fine Craft Show 2015

    2.) Maine Craft Guild presents the 41st Mount Desert Island Show
    Friday July 29th, 5 – 9PM, Saturday July 30th 10AM – 5PM & Sunday July 31st 10AM – 4PM,
    Atlantic Oceanside Hotel
    On Route 3 coming into Bar Harbor
    Bar Harbor, ME.

    3.) Rockport Fine Craft Show, Rockport, Me
    Saturday, August 13, 10:00am – 5:00PM and Sunday, August 14, 2016 10A:00M – 4:00pm
    220 Warrenton St., Rockport, ME

    4.) Maine Woodworking EXPO 2016, in the Fort Andross Building,
    14 Main St, Brunswick, ME.
    August 27th 9AM-6PM & August 28th 9AM-4PM.
    Come see some of Maine’s finest woodworkers displaying a full range of products.

    5.) Maine Craft Guild, Brunswick Show
    Maine Craft Guild A BRAND NEW SHOW
    Fort Andross Building
    14 Maine St. Brusnwick
    Saturday October 8th – 9am to 6pm
    Sunday October 9th – 9am to 4pm

Placing an Order

I am happy to take your order by phone, via email or in person at my studio. Ordering an heirloom piece from the web portfolio is a simple as selecting the piece by name, the wood type and any options that may be available with the piece. Because I specialize in custom design it is always best to talk directly with me so I can answer questions about your particular needs. I want to make sure you get the individual service you desire.The turn around time for an order averages from 6-8 weeks, but varies depending on backlog. Delivery dates are secured by placing a deposit. Please ask when you place the order. As a custom I provide periodic progress EMAILs and Photos during the construction phase of your order.

Custom Work

I am happy to create a custom design to meet your exact needs and specifications. Sebago Furniture can go about creating a custom design in one of two ways. The first method is to use a standard product that is listed on my product page. Some typical examples of a custom design using standard product might include a change in dimensions to meet a specific need, a special edge detailing added to the piece, add or removal of a drawer or a change or mix of wood types.

Custom Design

The other approach is a full custom design. This approach entails that I capture a totally new design. Input for the design might be from a picture you have, a sketch or Sebago Furniture working with you to cpature your imagination into a workable furniture design. Sebago Furniture works closely with you on each step in the process in order that I capture exactly what your specific needs are for the furniture piece. All of your input and ideas will be captured in a Computer Aided Drawing to show you exactly what your piece will look like. Once terms and conditions are met, a schedule will be given and the work will begin. As your piece is being made, you will be given progress reports on the status. If you are local, you may call and schedule a time to come see how your piece is progressing. If you are not local, I can EMAIL photos of the progress. When the work is completed you will be notified about pickup or delivery. Please contact us if your need is something special. I am happy to work with you. For your information we have placed the following documents online on how I work with my customers on commissioned furniture pieces. The documents readable in Adobe PDFs please feel free to browse through them for further infomation requarding the Customer Acceptance Form, Preliminary Design Agreement, Stain Disclaimer and my Terms and Conditions.


  1. A 50% deposit is required when placing the order. This deposit is NOT refundable or transferable after three (3) days. The deposit is used to obtain materials required for your special order and is not held in an escrow account. Final payment is due upon completion of the project and before delivery. All sales are final. My work is fully guaranteed.
  2. HARDWARE IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE AND IS AN ADDITIONAL COST unless specified in writing on the work order.
  3. Sebago Furniture uses a variety of finishes (oil, urethane, etc.), which is agreed to as part of the work order. Additional charges apply if the piece is to be stain, stain matched or painted. An initial $300 surcharge will be applied to the cost. Other additional charges may be added depending on the complexity of the piece.
We proudly accept Visa, & MasterCard & Discover.

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Why does my Furniture cost so much?

You may ask why furniture like this may seem costly. Since each piece is totally handcrafted, particular detail is put into every aspect of the piece; from the moment we create the drawing to the final signing of each piece. I sign each piece and date it at the time of manufacturing. What you purchase from Sebago Furniture is not an object, but an investment that will last generations. Think of something bought for $1000 today, which lasts over 100 years, that really only costs $10 per year to enjoy. Each time you go to sit down at one of my tables, watch a movie in your own home theater or lay your head down for a good nights rest on one of our beds, you will enjoy the beauty of well crafted furniture for your home.


a. Sebago Furniture wants you to be completely satisfied with your new purchase. Sebago Furniture offers a lifetime limited guarantee on the work and craftsmanship from the time of delivery. We cannot guarantee items subject to abuse, misuse or normal wear and tear. Some optional items may come under special conditions and warranties. Please inquire about our guarantee at the time of purchase.

b. There is a 30 day refund on any standard item that is purchased from my studio, or from a show that Sebago Furniture offers products. The item must be returned undamaged. Broken or damaged items are not eligible for a refund. All SALES ARE FINAL on any custom design/built to order pieces. Sebago Furniture will do what is possible to correct or make things right.

c. The guarantee does not include defects that may occur due to environment or climate conditions such as heat and humidity that, are not in our control once the piece leaves Sebago Furniture. Wood contracts and expands and every effort is taken during construction to allow for this movement. Solid wood furniture should be kept in an ideal 30% to 50% humidity range. Should you have a problem resulting from the environment or climate, we will make every effort to repair the item. If you have a problem you will need to contact us to schedule the repair and it will be your responsibility to get the item in and out of our shop for the repair. Charges for the repair will be at our current hourly shop rate plus material cost if required.

d. Sebago Furniture buys hardware from a variety of reputable hardware suppliers. Should you encounter a problem with hardware we will need the hardware returned so we can exchange it with the original supplier for their assessment and replacement.

e. Finish: Sebago Furniture uses a variety of finishes (oil, urethane, etc.), which is agreed to as part of the work order. These finishes are moisture and alcohol resistant. However, this does not mean that moisture or alcohol can be left standing on the surface. There is no finish on the market that is heat-resistant.

Additional charges apply if the piece is to be stain, stain matched or painted. An initial $150 surcharge will be applied to the cost. Other additional charges may be added depending on the complexity of the piece.

If you find you need a finish repaired, you may contact me to schedule the repair. Charges for the repair will be at my current hourly shop rate plus materials required.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for complete information on my guarantee and shipping requirements.

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Shipping

    If you are located in a 25 mile radius I will be happy to deliver the furniture directly to you for free. I want to insure that you are completely satisfied with your new purchase. I am not done with your order until you are happy with the installation of the furniture. Deliveries over 25 miles will be charged a delivery fee based on mileage. Deliveries outside New England will use insured and bonded high-touch 3rd Party shippers. Below are some third party shippers used by Sebago Furniture. Sebago


international shipment

    Cost for delivery will be determined at time of order placement. In some cases a piece might require minor assembly. I provide simple and clear instructions. You
. These

    Shipping Terms and Conditions

    a. Long Distance shipping via a contract mover/shipper can be set up by the customer or Sebago Furniture. The customer can pay the shipping company. Sebago Furniture, LLC will be happy to provide any specific information about the piece such as number of pieces, approximate weight, etc. It is the customer’s responsibility to make all arrangements including notifying the shipping company that the piece is available to be picked up. Alternatively, Sebago Furniture, LLC can make arrangements with one of its shippers. The customer will be notified by the shipper about delivery arrangements. Payment must be made in advance prior to shipment. Cost to re-ship any item due to the customer’s failure to be available to accept an item is the responsibility of the customer.

    b. If a piece is damaged in shipment, it is customer’s responsibility to notify the shipper and Sebago Furniture within 24 hours to report the damage. Packages are insured during transit. Products are *NOT* insured against damage at your home . If you call after five days of receiving the goods and say you never opened the box and checked the items, we will refuse the claim. The shipping company has no way of knowing how that box was handled after you received it, and that is not their responsibility. Opening the box and checking the order is your responsibility. The Customer should inspect the container and piece before signing the shipper’s Receiver’s Receipt. The customer is required to save all shipping containers in the event the piece needs to returned. If the packaging material is destroyed prior to an assessment by the shipping company, no refund will be granted. It is the responsibility of the customer to repackage the damage piece to be returned to Sebago Furniture. The customer must insure the piece for its full retail value. Pieces improperly packed resulting in additonal damage will not be eligible for a refund.

    c. The cost to return ship any item to Sebago Furniture is the responsibility of the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to properly repackage the piece to be returned to Sebago Furniture. The customer must insure the piece for its full retail value. Pieces improperly packed resulting in damage will not be eligible for a refund.

    d. No piece shall be returned to Sebago Furniture without prior written approval.