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Home Theater Sebago Furniture specializes in developing pieces for Home Theater systems. There are many types of entertainment furniture pieces on the market. Generally they are general purpose in design and do not take into consideration things like cooling, power and ventilation. I have 30 years experience as an electrical engineer in system design and have done scores of designs for the commercial market. Housing a home theater system is not simply enclosing your components into a nice piece of furniture. In order to preserve your expensive component’s life and to obtain proper operation one needs to be aware of power, cooling, ventilation and noise control. These features are taken into consideration on each piece we make. Special items like rollout equipment racks, Lazy Susan’s, infrared control units and power management can be provided for your system. Items like grills and glass door fronts can be added as well. Please contact us with your particular needs and Sebago Furniture will be happy to work with you on your customized Home Theater entertainment system.

Beaupre Media Cabinet

The Beaupre Media Cabinet is made from Wenge. Its unique design of rounded edges on all vertices makes for a sleek modern furniture piece. The front is enclosed by tempered glass doors with etched finger pulls. The back is panelized Wenge with portals for cables and the upper top of the back panel has ventilation ports for exiting hot air. The base is 3" off the floor, has adjustable leveling feet and is in set on all sides to give the cabinet a floating appearance. Inside the cabinet there is a single shelf that is adjustable to accommodate different size home theater and audio components. The back of the shelf has a 2/3 length cutout to allow for wiring between the top and lower section of the cabinet.The cabinet supports a passive cooling design where air filters in from the front of the cabinet from enclosed air vents. Air is directed over the components from the front and air is drawn to the upper back and exits through the back rear air vents at the top back panel of the cabinet. The finish is oil based with a wax top coat.

Dimensions: 51"w be 22"d x 26"h

Please contact Sebago Furniture about wood type and customization

The piece as shown is made from African Wenge and is priced at $6,000


from $3,940.00Price:

Boothbay Media Center

The Boothbay Media Center is designed for your home theater to hold your DVDs, CDs and of course your Home Theater Equipment. The piece in the picture is made from Cherry. This media center can support your Plasma or LCD monitor on top or can be simply placed in front of your projection screen. There are two slide out base shelves to allow for easy access to the back of the equipment. Two adjustable upper shelves are provided for other equipment. The back is made from six raised panels. and contains four wire access ports and two cooling ports.

An optional Power and data port (2 USB ports, an Ethernet Port and a Phone Port) distribution unit is available. There are also numerous hooks for securing the wiring to your external components and speakers. The cabinet can hold over 300 CDs or 120 to 130 DVDs or a combination of both. There are adjustable shelves to set up the shelves for your individual collection of media. There are wiring ports for power, audio and video cable so they pass between neighboring equipment bays. Note you may customize this design to meet your particular equipment dimensions.

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68 w x 25 3/4 d x 27 7/8 h
With 2 Adjustable Shelves , Slide out equipment shelves and slide out DVD/CD Drawers

Power Option Add $150


from $4,580.00Price:

MacDonald Record Collectors Cabinet

This panelized case was custom designed to hold rare collector's 45 RPM records. The case is based on a Barrister style bookcase with flip up glass doors (see other images by clicking on thumbnail photo). The case is made from Cherry with book matched Birdseye panels. There are Birdseye separators inside to hold and separate the records. Brass Thumb Screws are used to secure the separators. The separators can be configured to manage the record collection. The overall style of the design models my Boothbay series.

The piece as show lists for $5,900.

Pricing based on wood combinations. Click on photo to see other views.

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Dimensions - 64W x 16D x 39H



Portland Upright Home Theater Cabinet

This cabinet provides room for your new Home Theater component system when you have limited wall space. The three-shelf unit utilizes a vertical compartment for housing your Audio/Visual Receiver, DVD/CD player and Satellite/set-top box controller. The shelves are fully adjustable to set to the height of your components. A channel way on the back of each shelf is available to thread wires to neighboring components on other shelves. The back has a wiring opening on the top and bottom to route wires to your speakers, monitor and other devices. Ventilation openings are provided for cooling.

The unit comes standard with three component shelves. The CD drawer can hold between 210 to 240 CDs for two drawers. A drawer can be designed to hold accessories with individual compartments for cables and accessories. At the time of ordering please specify the types of drawers (for CDs or accessories). A glass door is provided to fully enclose your components.

It is highly recommended that additional forced air cooling using fans be used to keep your components at a comfortable operating temperature. Optionally a set of whisper quiet fans can be added to insure better air circulation for higher power AVR equipment.

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28 1/4 w x 24 d x 50 1/2 h


from $3,170.00Price:

The Boothbay Corner Home Theater Cabinet

The Boothbay Corner Home Theater cabinet fits snugly into those tight corners. The cabinet can easily support a 50 inch Plasma or LCD display. The unit comes with two adjustable shelves. A wire access portal is in the back of the unit. On each side are two roll out drawers for your DVDs or CDs. The drawers hold approximately 70 standard DVDs or 132 CDs. Each Drawer comes with two adjustable shelves. This particular piece was done in a mix of Cherry and Australian Cypress and is now a part of a private collection. I can make this piece in any of my standard hardwoods as listed below or in other sizes and configurations. Please feel free to inquire on what I can do for you.

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With 2 Adjustable Shelves 45 w x 29 d x 27 7/8 h


from $3,500.00Price: