Rockland Mirror

Rockland Mirror

The Rockland Mirror matches the style and design of my Rockland series. This mirror as shown in Cherry with a Walnut inlay, has tapered posts and the distinctive top arch like my Rockland Bed. The mirror tilts and can be adjusted by the Walnut knobs on the side of the stand.

The Rockland Mirror comes in several variations. A wall model in available and is identical to the mirror insert on the free standing model shown. A floor model without the arch and a half height stand is available for those wanting a simpler design.

Other sizes can be made.

Wall Mount Inlaid 54"h x 19"w (Wall Narrow)
Wall Mount Inlaid 35"h x 41"w (Wall Rectangular)
Floor Stand Short Stand and Inlaid 64"h x 25"w (Half Stand)
Floor Stand with Arch and Inlaid 68"h x 23"w (Stand with Arch)


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