Rockland Round Shoji Lamp

Rockland Round Shoji Lamp

The Rockland Round Shoji Lamp ( Copyright 2014, Sebago Furniture, LLC)) fills a room with a beautiful diffused light on all sides of the lamp. Its unique design also takes advantage of up and downward light through its open top and bottom. The lamp holds four LED efficient bulbs allowing for up to 400 watts of light into your room. A built-in dimmer under the lighting compartment let the light level to be set to the mood from a soft dim light to full on for reading and entertainment. A 10 foot cord helps eliminate the need to use an extension card.

The shade housing easily slide up to add or change bulbs.

Dimensions: 16"dia x 62"h

The lamp as shown is Cherry with Walnut accents.

Note: WOOD types are Cherry/Walnut accents, Walnut/Cherry Accents, orTiger Maple/ Cherry or Walnut Accents

The height represents the length from the lamp base to the top of the wood top.

Dimensions are: 16" Dia x 62"h