Arch Lamp

Arch Lamp

The Arch Lamp ( Copyright 2014, Sebago Furniture, LLC) elegantly uses a bent wood arch to place lighting in hard to reach places. Its unique arch and cantilever design and handcrafted three light shade put the light almost five feet from the position of the base. This allows the lamp to e placed behind a couch or in a corner, but put light directly where you need it. Using three LED efficient bulbs (not supplied), the lamp can put out 300 watts of illumination. LED Bulbs can be full dimmed using the built-in dimmer. A 10 foot cord eliminates the need for an extension cord.

The lamp as show is Cherry for the base, column and arch with Walnut accents for the shade and feet.

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Note: WOOD types are Cherry/Walnut accents, Walnut/Cherry Accents, orTiger Maple/ Cherry or Walnut Accents

The height represents the length from the lamp base to the top of the wood top.

Dimensions are: 64"d x 18"w x 79"h