Beaupre Media Cabinet

Beaupre Media Cabinet

The Beaupre Media Cabinet is made from Wenge. Its unique design of rounded edges on all vertices makes for a sleek modern furniture piece. The front is enclosed by tempered glass doors with etched finger pulls. The back is panelized Wenge with portals for cables and the upper top of the back panel has ventilation ports for exiting hot air. The base is 3" off the floor, has adjustable leveling feet and is in set on all sides to give the cabinet a floating appearance. Inside the cabinet there is a single shelf that is adjustable to accommodate different size home theater and audio components. The back of the shelf has a 2/3 length cutout to allow for wiring between the top and lower section of the cabinet.The cabinet supports a passive cooling design where air filters in from the front of the cabinet from enclosed air vents. Air is directed over the components from the front and air is drawn to the upper back and exits through the back rear air vents at the top back panel of the cabinet. The finish is oil based with a wax top coat.

Dimensions: 51"w be 22"d x 26"h

Please contact Sebago Furniture about wood type and customization

The piece as shown is made from African Wenge and is priced at $6,000


from $3,940.00Price: